Projects Out Now

If you know someone who is disabled and receiving Social Security benefits then you know how difficult it can be to navigate throuth the government red tape to assure he or she is receiving all the benefits they have earned. It was my honor to interview attorneys Carol Ponton & Mathew Hill who have authored a book on the basics of understanding and obtaining Social Security benefits. This FREE book is available from their website and is a valuable tool to help anyone obtain the benefits they have earned.

Veterans who suffer a disability while serving our Nation have earned VA benefits. But getting through any government's maze of red tape is something most soldier's don't know how to do. As a disabled veteran myself, it was an honor to do two interviews attorneys Carol Ponton & Mathew Hill who have authored a book on the basics of obtaining your VA a benefits. The first interview is about VA benefits in general. The second interview is specific to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This FREE book is available from their website and is a valuable tool to help veterans obtain the benefits they deserve.

I'm featured in Scholastic Book Fairs' Fall Catalogue for middle schools. i'm a Grand Dad being interviewed by his grand son. It was just released for this Fall semester!!

I'm featured in Scholastic Book Fairs' Elementary School Catalogue as King for a day. It's out this Fall school year!!

I just completed a 16-hour VoiceOver project for a Department of Energy training slide presentation for its employees managing DOE contractors on major projects. Sorry! You wont be able to hear this one unless you go to work for the DOE in their Project Management area (ha)!

I just completed a spot as a Grandfather for Bryan Health Hospital in Lincoln, NE. It will air on their website ( and in Nebraska state-wide beginning April, 2014!!

I just completed a spot with Bright House for Planet Up Technologies about their SOLAR POWERED GOLF CART. Pretty Kool!! You can see it on The Golf Channel, Fox & CNN - NOW!!

I've done 5 voiceovers for the telephone prompts at Senior Safety First. Out Now!!!

Hey, do you remember that scene from Dustin Hoffman's The Graduate where an executive is telling Dustin the future is in plastics? Well that scene inspired Treehouse to do a similar scene about the future of websites. I play the executive! Out Now!!

I play a banker on a new Discovery Channel series called Repo Man (working title). Watch me hire the Repo Man to reposess a luxury passenger jet. It premiers June 2013.

AAA is entering the banking business. I shot 10 banking informational videos just released to all their US AAA branches. Check them out at your local AAA office or just click right here to see one!!

I shot my 12th spot for Freedom Health as Doctor Jim. It's a great theme based on our current political election environment. It will air during the 2012 Medicare "open season" from 10/8 - 12/7. That is - ITS OUT NOW!!

I just completed a day's shoot at Disney with another senior "wife" as grand parents. This will be used by Disney as B-roll for advertising throughout thier world-wide properties. Out Now!!

I just completed 66, 20-second stock videos for Digital Juice - some solo, some with another senior "wife". Here's one of them. I'll be featuring more later, so check back frequently. These are for sale all over the world through Digital Juice NOW!!

I'm George Washington, along with Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin & Alexander Hamilton in 2 commercials for Florida Lottery's new Multiply Your Cash game. Out July 4 & 26, 2012!!

See my 2 website spots for a California patent attorney - out now!

See my 5 web spots on a study course for the California Bar exam - out now!

See me in a print job for Freedom Pointe, a new condo at The Villages, a retirement community in central Florida!

See me in a print job as a patient for Florida Hospital in numerous promotional literature throughout central Florida, out now!

Watch me squirt my neighbor's teenage daughter in a Wisconsin Dells spot promoting this vacation attraction - released 2009 & 2010, renewed 2011 & 2012, and just renewed again for 2013 & 2014 in the Northwest US!

I did a very fun stand-in for Sam Waterston (Law & Order's Jack McCoy) for his current round of TD Ameritrade spots - running now!

See me as a spokesmodel in a training video for US Customs & Immigration Service welcoming new citizens to the US - ongoing!

See my Spokesmodel spot inviting new singers to join Messiah Choral Society on their website, - ongoing!

I am a doctor spokesmodel for the Veterans Administration & Merck teaching video about osteoporosis in men - ongoing!

See me as a fit boomer in a print job for YMCA - out now!

I am a doctor spokesmodel for a weight loss product called Cleanse-2 Thin, on their website, out now!

I am a spokesmodel for Brevard County Florida's Space Coast Area Transit (SCAT), viewable on their website now!

I play an attorney for Progressive Tax Group in a National TV spot - out now!

See my billboards in Texas for Cox High Speed Cable - up now!

Check out my commercials for Encore Dental Insurance as a retired Dad in selected markets - out now!

Watch my infomercial with Willard Scott as a 50s music enthusiast - playing now!

Hear my voice on 3 spots for Pelican Bay Golf Courses in Daytona Beach, FL - running now!

Hear my voice quoting 18 famous men at the Orlando Science Center's Wishing Well - out now!