Lisa Maile, 12 weeks, Commercial Acting, Instructors Kevin O'Neill, Pat Clay, Al Hubbs
Mullen Casting Agency, 8 weeks, Improvisation for Actors, Instructor Michael Rafferty
Mullen Casting Agency, 2 days, Teleprompter & EarPrompter, Instructors Tim Powell & Mark Mullen 
Mullen Casting Agency, Host Workshop, Instructors Lauren O'Quinn & Mark Mullen
Mullen Casting Agency, Auditioning for Film & Television Workshop, Instructors Mark & Kimberly Mullen
Ball Prompting, Basic & Advanced Ear Prompter Workshop, Instructor Debra Ball
John Peros Casting, 2 days, TV Commercials Workshop & Boot Camp, Instructor John Peros
Lori Wyman Casting, The Organic Actor, insturctor Lori Wyman
Michael J. Stark, 4 day, Double Camera / Split Screen Techniques
Actor's Info Booth, 2 day, On-Camera Auditioning for Commercials, instructor Linda Fionte
Mad Cow Theater, 6 weeks, On-Camera Commercial Techniques, Instructor Rick Stanley 
Dr. Linnda Durré, 6 weeks, Advanced Acting Techniques 
KVG Studios, Commercials Workshop, Instructor Ken Grant 
KVG Studios, Scene Study & Cold Reading Workshop, Instructor Ken Grant 
KVG Studios, Giving Television Interviews, private tutoring, Instructor Ken Grant
VoiceOver: 10 weeks, The Commercial Voice, Instructor Ginny Kopf
VoiceOver: Heavy Coaching Session with Brain Bazala
Master Class, Broadway Auditioning Workshop, Instructor T.O. Sterrett from NY
Master Class, Vocal Belting Workshop, Instructor Dr. Kristin Samuelson from NY