Voice Over

VoiceOver Demo, commercial

Straight read (free credit reports)
Relaxing, sexy (Hyatt Regency)
Guy next door (United Rent-all)
Caring (Health Extras)
Hard sell (new car inventory)
Wise guy (Jack in the Box)
British accent (Jaguar)
French accent (Courvoisier Cognac)
Spooky (Ortho fire ant bait)


VoiceOver Demo, announcer

Announcer, English
Announcer, Spanish


VoiceOver Demo, home studio


I have a state-of-the-art recording studio in my home and provide high quality audio products. My third demo above was recorded in my home studio so you can hear what my voice will sound like on your next project. Please go to the Client Services tab for my rates and to hire me. I look forward to working with you. 

Studio Equipment:

microphone Neumann BCM 104
recording software ProTools LE 7.4 (with elastic audio)
interface Digidesign M Box series
operating system MAC Pro, OSX 10.5